Shea by Shay is available in several locations!

The Farm Shop in Polvadera, NM is open every day! Come by for a cup of coffee. Sample some honey, pet the pony, and let the goat nibble on your sleeve. We offer a full line of products from our family of farmers & entrepreneurs here in the southwest for you to enjoy! All the profits from sales go to charity projects ๐Ÿ™‚ 


You can also find a selection of products at the Santa Fe Honey Salon!! It’s on St. Francis and Hickox in Santa Fe, NM, and while you’re there, you can check out my friend Gadiel’s amazing line of Honey Soaps! It’s perfect!


Looking for a honey facial?  You can find them, along with amazing tea blends & beautiful pottery at the Old Barrel Tea Company in Albuquerque & Ruidoso! 


Skin Care that Gives

These products are raising funds to Spread the Love in our surrounding community & throughout the country. All of all proceeds go to projects that provide assistance and encouragement. Sometimes that means purchasing a pair of glasses and a clean pair of socks, sometimes that means a ride to the doctor, sometimes that means throwing a birthday party. But these products hope to contribute to something beautiful, simple and profound.

Buy a jar, Give a jar

When you buy a product from this website, you allow me to give a product to someone with a severe skin condition who has asked for my help.

This began occurring just a few short months after I began creating these products, and the desire of my heart is to be able to give people a product that will feed their skin with real nutrition, ease their body with the essence of medicinal herbs, and sooth their minds with aromatherapy. With this in mind, for each jar that you buy, I will give a jar away to someone in need.