It began almost entirely by accident. Just a means to share something that has provided healing in my life; handmade with Love to be given away, with all the proceeds from these products invested in community projects around this little town of Socorro, New Mexico.

Each of these items are small-batched and freshly made in response to demand. I will do custom orders for specific skin conditions, and although you should know that I don’t have any formal training in holistic medicine, aromatherapy or the medicinal use of herbs, I am born to an amazing grandmother, befriended and guided by professionally trained experts, and I always test each ingredient and each product on myself and everyone around me. Currently I’ve completed almost 50 product trials on half a dozen skin conditions with amazing results. I believe in these ingredients, and I believe in the healing power of natural medicine.

My partner is a bee farmer, and we eat organic meat and grow our own vegetables, but working closely with the land was a relatively foreign practice for me until we met. I am 28 years old, and I hadn’t really given much thought to my food or my skin until I moved to the bee farm in February of 2013. When I started having issues with acne last year, I was bewildered. I thought skin conditions were supposed to manifest during puberty, not in my late 20’s. So on my partner’s suggestion, I began washing my face with raw honey.

If you didn’t already know this, raw honey is a natural anti-microbial. It makes a great facial scrub, especially if it’s beginning to crystallize.

I took a look at the ingredient’s list on my other daily skin care products. To my shock and horror, I discovered that every single cosmetic that I was using contained dangerous and toxic chemical ingredients, some of which were rated as highly hazardous to human health. I’ve spent a small fortune buying lotions in my adult life, (especially because I live in a desert climate) and every single one I had purchased at the store contained mineral oil or petroleum. These ingredients cannot be absorbed by the skin, and were actually dehydrating, when I was trying to moisturize! I did more research, spending an afternoon with google, typing in the names of strange polymers and acids that I had never heard of.  Since that crash course on synthetic cosmetic chemicals, I’ve sworn off the practice of putting them in my skin, abandoned my old skin care regimen and asked friends if they knew of an alternative.

One of my friends led me to discover Shea Butter, an oil harvested from the nut of a specific tree in Africa that shares the phonetics of my name. It’s rich in vitamins A, E, and D, along with a bunch of other awesome stuff, and it’s an oil that can actually be absorbed by the skin.

I began using it when I got out of the shower, and immediately noticed a change in the way that my skin felt throughout the day . The next discovery was Jojoba, based on some research regarding plant oils that are similar to the molecular structure of the natural oils in our skin. After learning more about the distillation process involved in producing essential oils, like Lavender and Frankincense, and their powerful medicinal benefits, I included those in my daily routine. Within three weeks, my skin was completely different. It was smoother. I could tell it was healing. There was no more acne, only the faint remnant of redness, which disappeared a few days later.

Buying each ingredient and using them on my skin convinced me to experiment with making my own creams. If Shea butter has had such an amazing effect by itself, then what will it do if I mix it with Jojoba? What about citrus? What about raw honey? And it was then that I discovered the triple threat to so many of my personal skin care problems. One day I mixed my Shea butter with Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Seed Oil and Grape Seed Oil. My night cream was born, and my skin has never been the same, thankfully. I use these two creams every single evening, rotating back and forth between the Rosemary and the Lavender. The ingredients are of the highest grade, cold pressed organic oils, and I mix each batch, every single jar, myself.

Love is a primary ingredient in each of my recipes, and I believe it’s just as real as the flowers that produce these incredible oils.

I also include raw honey and raw beeswax in these products. We harvest mineral rich wildflower honey each summer here in the deserts of New Mexico, and I’ve found the medicinal properties of raw, unfiltered honey (used both topically and internally) has had a profound impact on my body and my skin.

When you buy a product from this website, you allow me to give a jar to someone with a severe skin condition who has asked for my help.

This began occurring just a few short months after I began creating these products, and the desire of my heart is to be able to give people a product that will feed their skin with real nutrition, ease their body with the essence of medicinal herbs, and sooth their minds with aromatherapy. With this in mind, for each jar that you buy, I will give a jar away to someone in need.

Not only that, but %100 percent of all the profits from your purchase will go to funding community projects.

Sometimes that means giving a houseless friend a ride to the doctor, or buying sleeping bags for the local homeless shelter. Sometimes it means throwing a birthday party for a destitute man who feels forgotten, and sometimes it means giving a tired traveler a safe place to rest. Sometimes it’s a pair of socks, or a hot meal. Whatever we’re doing, you’re welcome to come see for yourself. And because Insight Projects Inc is a registered nonprofit with a community-based mission assignment, these products are tax free and even tax deductible as a fundraiser for community benefit.

Thank you for shopping today, and please let me know what you think of these products. Feed your skin real nutrition, Love your body and your spirit, and Spread that Love out to the World….




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