Honey Facials

_DSC0007 (5)I continue to wash my face with honey more frequently than soap. This particular honey, the North American Buckwheat, is one of the most medicinal honeys in the world. We hardly ever have it in stock at the bee farm, because this honey is made in the pacific northwest, a long way from home. We trade for it whenever we can, but we don’t get up to that part of the country very often.

This harvest, when we bottled this honey into half pints and quarts, I decided to jar up the scrubbiest buckwheat that I could get into the jar. All raw honey crystallizes over time; it’s just the glucose and the fructose in the honey rearranging itself. But when crystallized honey is applied to the skin, it becomes a natural exfoliate that will scrub off the dead skin, extra oils, residual makeup, and even bad bacteria. Raw honey is a natural anti-microbial, so it helps with the treatment of acne as well.

When I wash this honey off my face at night, my skin is soft, supple, and it smells (and tastes) like honey.  All good things! Give it a try. I bottled some of this scrubby buckwheat into 1oz jars, the perfect size for facials a few times a week for a month or so. It only take a little dollop on your finger! Run it under the water before you start scrubbing…. And then let me know what you think!

Update: After more than a year of offering this product along with 3 other varieties of facial scrubs, I’ve found that the Cat Claw Honey with Lavender oil is the best seller. (Very scrubby & the smell is so relaxing!) I also offer a Carrot & Citrus smooth face wash that has had great results. If you would like to try either the Lavender or the Carrot, just let me know in the notes of your purchase.

$5 + $5 shipping and handling

And remember, all the proceeds from sales go to fund charitable community projects. Thank you!



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