Giving Jars

Remember I said that for every jar you buy, I’ll give one away?

So when you make a purchase, you help me help other people in all sorts of ways!

Since the beginning of May, (thanks to you all) we’ve given away 95 jars of these skin-healing products to 61 people in 23 different states!

Several people needed more than 1 product for specific health concerns relating to their skin. These issues have ranged from dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis to skin cancers and burns; even radiation damage caused by exposure to depleted uranium in Iraq. The recipients of these jars have reported that each of these skin conditions dramatically improved or completely healed with the use of these products.

I’m not a doctor, but that sounds like a great track record to me! And it motivates me to keep on spreading the Love out there to people who need relief. I’m hoping that eventually Shea By Shay will make it to all 50 states! If you know me and my history, then you know why that matters. And if you want to learn more about me, (your personal skin food creator) you can read about my 50 state, 50 week journey(s) on

If you need high quality skin care, especially for a medical issue, and don’t have enough money for it, send me an email at and I will see if I have a jar for you!

If you know someone with a skin condition who doesn’t have a budget to work with, and you would like me to send your Giving Jar to someone specific, include a note with the additional address when you place your order through paypal. With gratitude for your purchase, I’ll cover the shipping and handling to your friend myself.

Spread the Love!

Tangerine Cream


This cream was initially just an experiment to see what I thought of Mango Butter, and I fell in love.

Mango Butter is unique to Shea Butter in consistency and absorbtion. So mixing the two together has a multiplicity of benefits. I’ve noticed that the super fast absorption of Mango makes it ideal for morning application, especially as a primer for mineral makeup.

Tangerine and sweet orange add a light tropical aroma, and for people looking for something mild and refreshing, this is going to brighten your mood. If you’ve ever noticed that someone in the room is peeling a citrus while you’re tasting something sweet, then you have an idea what this smells like.

Mango My Morning Ingredients:

raw and unfiltered shea butter, raw mango butter, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, apricot kernel seed oil, raw unfiltered honey, and the essential oils of tangerine and sweet orange.

2.5oz in glass jar

$20 + $5 shipping and handling anywhere in the country. Allow 1 week for processing and 7-10 days for shipping. I’ll mix up a batch just for you!  And remember, this is Skin Care that Gives.


If you cannot afford the retail price, I offer one-time wholesale discounts to friends and family and people who are having a hard time. Just shoot me an email at and I will cut the price in half for you! Much Love!

And don’t forget, you can always donate to our charitable projects without buying a product. Just click on the Donate Now Button in the top menu bar. Thanks for your help! Tax receipts are available for any donation over $50 and any product purchase over $100.

Skin Care that Gives

These products are raising funds to Spread the Love in our surrounding community & throughout the country. All of all proceeds go to projects that provide assistance and encouragement. Sometimes that means purchasing a pair of glasses and a clean pair of socks, sometimes that means a ride to the doctor, sometimes that means throwing a birthday party. But these products hope to contribute to something beautiful, simple and profound.

Buy a jar, Give a jar

When you buy a product from this website, you allow me to give a product to someone with a severe skin condition who has asked for my help.

This began occurring just a few short months after I began creating these products, and the desire of my heart is to be able to give people a product that will feed their skin with real nutrition, ease their body with the essence of medicinal herbs, and sooth their minds with aromatherapy. With this in mind, for each jar that you buy, I will give a jar away to someone in need.

Created to Give More Love to the World. Nurture your skin, clear your mind, and feed your soul the good stuff…