Lemongrass & Calendula Foot Rub


“Last week I was at your store and bought some Comfrey Salve for my feet.  You let me try the Emu oil stick. I will say it was fantastic.  I let four other people try the product and they too said it was an almost instant heal for them.  I will be out in the next few weeks for some more. Thank you, Charlene”

The Emu Oil Stick she’s describing was a totally new product I just created that morning for a friend who told me that she finds it easier to apply moisturizer to her feet when she uses a stick. When Charlene arrived at the store and told me she needed more of the Comfrey Salve because she’s been using it on her feet, I asked her to try this new product as well. It was a Giving Jar, and I was excited to share this exquisite animal oil (the rest of my oils are plant-based). My friend raises the Emus and harvests the oil herself, so I know where the ingredient comes from, and the research speaks for itself.

Lemongrass & Calendula Foot Rub Ingredients: raw, unrefined shea Butter, organic cold-pressed argan oil, organic emu oil, calendula oil, raw orange blossom honey, and the essential oils of Lemongrass & Cajaput

1oz of Bliss in a Roll-Up Tube: $12 + $5 shipping & handling  Capture2

And remember, all the proceeds from products on this website will go to fund charitable community projects. Together we will find alternative and effective solutions to poverty. Thanks for your purchase!


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