Get Your Gift Sets!


I partnered with Adam from the Laughing Turtle Soap company in Albuquerque to make a new Organic Honey Soap! It contains Bee Chama’s Raw, Unfiltered Honey and Beeswax, along with the organic Essential Oils of Lavender & Tea Tree. Enjoy the petals of real Calendula Flowers on your skin as this soap creates a moisture-loving lather. I use this primarily on my hands and feet, because using any soap on my face can dry my skin and cause breakouts. But it’s critical that I wash my hands well (with this soap!) before touching my face! Use it on your hands and body and enjoy the rich lather and soothing aroma!

You can buy the soap for $8 plus shipping and handling by clicking on this button: Capture2

gift set

Or you can save some money and get a gift set for Christmas! I’ll include a Raw Honey Facial (don’t eat this one, it’s for your skin!) and a 4 oz jar of Raw, Unfiltered Bee Chama Honey in one of our 17 delectable varieties. (This one is for Eating!!!) The Gift Set is only $20 + $5 shipping and handling, so you save some money and get a cute threesome for someone you Love. Enjoy! 



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