Royal Raspberry Honey Facial

_DSC0033 (5)

An alternative to my Blueberry Bright Facial, this one smells like Raspberry Tea! And I love the way it evens out my complexion.

Natural Ingredients: Rose Clay, Raspberry Leaf & Royal Jelly

Mix 1 TSP of powder with 1 TSP of water. You can add more water or more powder until you get the consistency you like. Even add a dollop of honey (this is my style. Antimicrobial properties & it smells so yummy) and a squirt of lime juice! Apply it as a thick mud for best results, and it will dry within 10-15 minutes.  The detoxifying and regenerating qualities of this mask are perfect for people with all skin types. Remove it by soaking in the shower or over your sink, and enjoy your rejuvenated complexion!

2.5 oz of Bliss. $20 + $5 shipping & handling   Capture2

4 oz of Bliss. $30 + $5 shipping & handling     Capture2

Like the dollop of honey idea? Try one of my Buckwheat Honey Facials as an every day scrub, and then add it to this mixture once a week. You’ll love the results, and you can order it here as part of the set without any extra shipping costs! Just $5   Capture2

And remember, all of the proceeds from orders on this website will go to fund charitable community projects. Together we will find alternative and effective solutions to poverty. Thanks for your purchase!



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