Giving Jars, Feeding Back

Throughout this process, I’ve been receiving emails and letters from people who have been using these products. Thank you! Some of you have sent me useful suggestions, great ideas, fantastic stories and a lot of hope. I realized that this a platform is designed for sharing those stories along with the products, so I’ve gotten permission from a few folks to post their comments on this page. This week I’ll be sending out email surveys to a few of you who have been using these products for awhile now, particularly if you’ve purchased more than once or if I met you along the road to where I stand. I value your opinion.

To start the ball rolling, this is  from a friend in Costa Rica that is using a Giving Jar of Lavender Recovery Recipe to treat a skin condition  on his arms. Now he’s got another use for it:

“I had been having very painfull cramps in my feet during the night for many years and a few weeks ago they came back i had the cream that Shea gave me and used it as the cramps begun. They stopped, i could not believe it. Last night the cramps begun again i used the cream again and the cramps immediately stopped. Thank you.”

Here’s another one from a woman who came into the farm store here in New Mexico:

“Last week I was at your store and bought some Comfrey Salve for my feet.  You let me try the Emu oil stick. I will say it was fantastic.  I let four other people try the product and they too said it was an almost instant heal for them.  I will be out in the next few weeks for some more. Thank you,

The Emu Oil Stick she’s describing was a totally new product I just created that morning for a friend who told me that she finds it easier to apply moisturizer to her feet when she uses a stick. When Charlene arrived at the store and told me she needed more of the Comfrey Salve because she’s been using it on her feet, I asked her to try this new product as well. It was a Giving Jar, and I was excited to share this exquisite animal oil (the rest of my oils are plant-based). My friend raises the Emus and harvests the oil herself, so I know where the ingredient comes from, and the research speaks for itself.

Note: Since I received Charlene’s email, I’ve finished the product formulation and it’s currently available at the Bee Chama Farm Store in Lemitar New Mexico for $12. The Lemongrass & Calendula Foot Rub with Emu & Argan oil will be available for purchase online later this week.

Here’s another letter I received from a friend who purchased two of the Honey Lip Balms:

“WOW!  I am a pretty huge lip balm addict and I’ve tried so many different kinds.  My favorite one in the world got discontinued awhile ago and I am down to the bottom of my very last pot.  I kept trying to find a new one that was just as good and I didn’t really like anything I tried until I got yours!  Seriously, it is the BEST lip balm I’ve ever used, and it’s a fraction of the cost of most of the ones I’ve tried, and the only one with no scary-sounding ingredients that I don’t even recognize.  It tastes great (cream soda is my favorite soda ever!), the consistency is perfect, and it stays on forever.  I love it so much!  I plan to order it regularly, so watch out, LOL. ”

All of this makes me smile… makes my heart happy. It’s why I want to do keep doing this. Thank you all for supporting me in this adventure, and if you have any Feed Back of your own, please send it to

xoxo – Shay


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